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Welcome to this site for information on minerals and on the world of mineralogy. In this site you will see a selection of the main sources of useful information available on the web. There is also information on events and excursions that may be of interest to you.

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Minerales.Info - Ferias de Minerales

Mineralogy on line Mineralogy on line

With the cooperation and assistance of Antonio Alcaide

Minerals and mineralogy
Mineral specimens with inclusions
Some questions and answers about mineral specimens with inclusions, illustrated with excellent samples.
About cyclic twinning
Deep and fascinating discussion about cyclic twins with lots of less known specimens and many illustrations and drawings.
 Endomorph or Pseudomorph?
Comments about Endomorphism and Pseudomorphism. Is pseudomorph often an incorrect description of an endormorph?
Very little mineralogy in mineral collecting today
The intellectual curiosity of mineral collectors. Intense and heavy discussion about its importance.
How to photograph my specimen(s)
One of the most difficult tasks many collectors face is how to easily get good pictures of their specimens. Here is some good advice from several experts.
Right labels
Discussions about what should be the content of a correct mineral label and how to properly design it.
Labels and history
Gathering former owners' labels as a way to keep for the future an important part of the history of every specimen in your collection.
Freeware: Mineral Database
An intuitive and free computer program to catalog a mineral collection. It can store up to 4 photos per record, has lots of useful data fields, can be indexed in 9 different ways to suit all your needs, and much more...
Self collected
Questioning the rightness of the expression "self collected", often used by mineral collectors, but that seems not to be appropriate.
What defines a mineral's "quality"?
A great discussion about what is a rather subjective topic: what a mineral's quality actually is.
Specimen Criteria
What should we think about before taking the decision of purchase (a specimen) to keep us from making a mistake?
The New Generation
How the new mineral collector generations can influence the evolution of the hobby.
Mines and mineral localities
Very nice Amethyst in the Railroad Works in North of Spain
A casual find of Amethystine Quartz in a railroad cut in Girona, Spain.
The joy of the discovery and the field work to dig nice minerals.
Exceptional finds

Join us to dig a giant amethyst geode

Join us to dig a giant amethyst geode
One of the world's biggest geodes.
All of the extraction process, from the discovery to the actual removal.
Micros and macros

The tricks of Christian Rewitzer to do micro photographs

The tricks of Christian Rewitzer to do micro photographs
Christian Rewitzer, one of the best microphotographers, explains his tricks to achieve superb photos as well as an array of his "art works"
Preparing and cleaning minerals

Numbering specimens

Numbering specimens
How collectors number their specimens? Is there a preferred type of label to affix? Is it better not to try to attach anything directly to the mineral...?

Sensitive minerals

Sensitive minerals
A brief guide about the sensibility to light of some minerals as well as the toxicity of some others.
Collection photos

Gail's collection

Gail's collection
A lot of images and posts of one of the most popular collections: beautiful collection of Gail Spann.

John S. White collection

John S. White collection
The excellent single crystal collection assembled during the last fifteen years (starting in 1994) by John S. White is being posted here for everybody to enjoy.

Collection of Carles Millan

Collection of Carles Millan
Nice and highly diversified collection, that clearly reveals the owner's love of minerals and mineralogy.

New generation for picture – Ploum

New generation for picture – Ploum
Amazing trip through the world of micromount photography. A suggestive exhibition of colors and shapes.
Trips and museum visits

Visiting the Smithsonian

Visiting the Smithsonian
A trip to the famous Smithsonian Museum through the eyes of someone visiting it for first time, plus images of other people to complete the overview.

My visit to the Folch Collection

My visit to the Folch Collection
A superb chronicle by Joan Massagué with great details about his visit to what might have been the world's best private mineral collection until the eighties, built by the industrialist Joaquim Folch i Girona (died in 1984), and located at the Mediterranean city of Barcelona.

The marvelous collection "Cristalli" & Brief guide about Florence

The marvelous collection "Cristalli" & Brief guide about Florence
Excellent photos of the majority of the specimens in the great collection of Adalberto Giazotto. Informative Guide on a visit to this small collection and more general tourist guide to the city of Florence.
Incorrect classification and fakes

Palladium-rich gold from Icabaru, Venezuela

Palladium-rich gold from Icabaru, Venezuela
Discussion about the "Palladium-rich Gold" from Venezuela.
It seems that not only they contain no Palladium, but also it appears that they are electrolitically grown.
The histories behind mineral specimens

The Almadén's "Spanish flag"

The Almadén's "Spanish flag"
Some detailed history involving Sr. Folch Girona and his connection with Almadén Cinnabar.

Auctions and prices

Auctions and prices
Auctions, prices and their influence on the mineral market.

Buying minerals as an investment?

Buying minerals as an investment?
Should we purchase minerals because we love them or because we want to keep our assets alive? Or a little of both?


Minerales.Info - Mineralogical Shows




EXPOMINER (Barcelona)

11 - 13 November 2016

Spain's most international show, and the one with the best mineralogical quality.
Held in Hall 1 in the grounds of the Fira de Barcelona-Montjuïc, a very prestigious locality within a great architectural area.

Expominer 2016
About Expominer 2016 Show
If you want some news about previous
Expominer shows follow this link


Tucson Gem and Mineral Show™

During the first two weeks of each year, in the middle of the Arizona desert you can visit the annual Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase, the biggest group of Shows in the US and in the world.

For more information on the show, you can visit the web page for the Major show centers in Tucson, as well as the web page of Tucson EZ-Guide the most popular guide for all the different shows.

If you want to know what minerals we had at Tucson 2016 click on this text or on the image

  About Tucson 2016 Show
About Tucson 2016 Show
If you want some news about previous
Tucson shows follow this link


4 March (starting at 3:00 PM) - 6 March 2016

Mineralexpo Barcelona-Sants is an annual mineral show that is held during the first weekend of March in the Cocheras de Sants, Barcelona (Calle de Sants, 79). This show, in some senses, takes the place of the Sant Celoni Show as the Sant Celoni show was held during the same weekend, although it is now held during the first Sunday of May.

The people that organize the show are the Grupo Mineralógico Catalán, a group whose objective is to promote mineralogy. So that is why the show has a limited number of dealers, with the aim of focusing on minerals for collectors.

If you want to know what minerals we had at the Mineralexpo 2016 click on this text or on the image
(text only in Spanish language)

Use this link to find out what was new at the Mineralexpo 2016 Show
(text only in Spanish language)

Mineralexpo 2016
About Mineralexpo 2016
If you want some news about previous
Mineralexpo shows
, follow this link

Grup Mineralògic Català: http://www.minercat.com


11 - 13 March 2016

Held in the halls of the prestigious Escuela de Minas, Madrid. Along with Mineralexpo it has the best atmosphere of all the Spanish shows. In both cases people go to talk about minerals and to be there "for the minerals".

Use this link to find out what was new at the Escuela de Minas 2015 Show
(text only in Spanish language)

Click here to find out more about the Escuela de Minas-Madrid 2016 Show
(text only in Spanish language)

About Escuela de Minas 2015 Show
About Escuela de Minas 2016 Show
If you want some news about previous
Escuela de Minas shows
, follow this link


Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Mineral & Gem Show

23 - 26 June 2016

Towards the end of June a very special place in France, Val d'Argent, has a show that is different from all the regular ones. Together collectors, visitors, and dealers share the marvellous countryside, the pleasant food, and, of course, the minerals. So if above all else you want to enjoy yourself during a show this one is not to be missed.


Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines 2016
Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines 2016
If you want some news about previous
Ste. Marie shows follow this link


Mineralientage München

28 - 30 October 2016

A powerful show, with an enormous range of minerals and extraordinary displays.

Munich 2016

Munich 2015
If you want some news about previous
Munich Shows follow this link

News about shows that Fabre Minerals no longer attends

About Ecole des Mines ShowAbout Fosminer 2004 Show

If you want to see some information about shows we used to attend, but actually no longer visit, then use this link or click on the photo.



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